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  Joey Reynolds


 Joey Joey Joey !

He was once called Radio's First Shock Jock
Nowadays he's called the showman with the intellect
who draws a nationwide audience to
match his mindsmanship
across America's

Joey invites Our Radio Show to be on his radio show
from that all-nite radio super talker
powerhouse WOR


Joey, Bob Whitney and Bob Todd at WOR

The Joey Reynolds Show is America's totally unpredictable
exercise in letting it all hang out. Bob and Bob
are utterly challenged by this
master of reality

Call us and give us a one minute
piece of your mind to put on the air

As a young disc jockey - all over the place


Outrageous Sixties-Seventies-Eighties DeeJay

Joey Reynolds

KQAQ [Austin MN] 1960
WNDR [Syracuse NY] 1961
WKBW [Buffalo] 1963
  WHYT [Detroit] 1984
KMGG [LA] 1984
WFIL [Philadelphia] 1984
WDOK [Cleveland] 1966
WIXY [Cleveland] 1966
WXYZ [Detroit] 1966
  WSHE [Miami]
[New York]1985 1987
WQAM [Miami] 198?
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1975
WIBG [Philadelphia] 197?
KMPC [LA] 1980
WGAR [Cleveland] 1981
WHTZ [Newark/NY] 1983
  WDRC [Hartford] ? 
WIOD [Miami] 198?
WPLG-TV [Miami] 198?
WBZT [West Palm Beach] 1994


NOW JOEY... the undisputed leader of The Royal Order of the Night People. Considered to be one of the most creative persons in America, he has been involved in "showbiz" most of his life. He was inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland a few years ago for his accomplishments in radio, television, and music. There's only one Joey Reynolds. He's on WOR.

Call in to the Joey Reynolds
Show at 800-321-0710
Tuesday-Saturday midnight to 5:00 a.m.

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Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella, But Don't Get a Mouthful of Rain : The Joey Reynolds Story

Call us and give us a one minute
piece of your mind to put on the air