Ken Levine



For several years in the 1970s, Ken Levine was a extremely fast and funny major market disc jockey, often using the air name "Beaver Cleaver". He worked at KERN Bakersfierld; KMEN, San Bernadino; and WDRO, Detroit. In 1974, Ken moved back West again to KYA San Francisco.

Originally from Southern CA, Ken returned in the mid 70's for stints in San Diego at KSEA and B-100, and in LA at KIQQ, KTNQ, KHTZ and KFI.

But his career had just begun.
In the next thirty years, Ken Levine became an Emmy winning writer/director/producer - as well as a major league baseball announcer. Ken has been the radio/TV play-by-play voice of the Baltimore Orioles, Seattle Mariners and the San Diego Padres. Currently he is the host of Dodger Talk after every Dodger game on Talkradio 790 KABC, Los Angeles.

In TV, Ken wrote, edited and/or directed for MASH, CHEERS, FRASIER, THE SIMPSONS, WINGS, EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, BECKER, DHARMA & GREG, and he co-created his own series: ALMOST PERFECT starring Nancy Travis. He and his partner wrote the feature VOLUNTEERS.

In this video which OurRadioShow.net recorded a few years ago in LA, Ken tackles: What the hell ever happened to personality Top 40 ? What it is that has changed in radio: - the audience? - industry consolidation? New Media? And what might the future offer to radio broadcasting ?

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 Listen to Ken as Beaver Cleaver on
KYA - 1974 - (4:03)

Be Prepared - WHO ME? - (4:20)
Some Great Music & Fantastic TEN-Q - (6:40)
How the BEAV got FIRED at KYA - (3:04)