Paul Drew

 1935 - 2013
Paul Drew died in California
on May 19, 2013



Most people identify Paul as VP of Programming for the renowned RKO stations - as number one a group as top forty ever got. But if there were a prize for the sheer number of legendary career events, Paul Drew would win it hands down.


The Cover

The Story

In 1995, Network 40 Magazine did a cover story on Paul spearheaded by friend Jay Thomas and edited by one of Paul's alumi, Gerry Cagle. Here's how they introduced it:

Paul Drew is, without a doubt, one of the handful of radio figures who truly deserve to be called a legend. He witnessed the birth of Top 40 and helped it grow to mammoth proportions by programming and directing one of the most successful radio groups in history. During its glory years, RKO claimed the #1 stations in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Detroit and Memphis. A record didn't make the Top 10 unless RKO played it.

Perhaps Paul's greatest legacy lies in the success of those he hired. (Aside from OurRadioShow's Bob Todd), those headliners included Jerry Clifton, Les Garland, Dave Sholin, Guy Zapolean, Bob Hamilton, Rick Bisceglia, Don Kelly, Harry Nelson, Rick Dees, Dave Martin, Gary Berkowitz, Walt "Baby" Love, Jerry Dell Colliano, Bobby Ocean, and Charlie Van Dyke - a virtual Who's Who in the industry....

We spent three hours videotaping Paul's career story at the home of Paul's neice, Anna McManus, in Forsyth County outside of Atlanta.

Paul Drew Aircheck - 1961

  WAKE - Atlanta - July 1961


VIDEO - Paul Drew talks about Dr. Don Rose

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