Roby Yonge


Photo by Bob Sherman

Roby on WABC in 1969



Roby Yonge was well known on WQAM, Miami, where he worked with Rick Shaw in the early 1960's. Later he joined WABC, New York, where he worked with Herb Oscar Anderson and Dan Ingram.

In Miami, he was well known on the beach - and on the air - as "The Big Kahuna". It was the most exciting and wonderful of times - worth reliving over and over....according to deejay Bob Todd. Roby taught Todd to surf off Miami. (See link to Roby's scrapbook below.)

Roby's life was not without tragedy as revealed in a phone call from his mother in 2001. He died in 1997 in Florida. See recording below.

Return with us now to those GOLDEN DAYS
of yesteryear on glorious Miami Beach

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Roby Yonge, March 28, 1966 on WQAM, Miami - Rare 46 minute aircheck...



Roby's First Show on WABC - December, 1967


Roby's Last Show on WABC - October 21, 1969

As the story goes, Roby had been fired by Program Director, Rick Sklar. In this excerpt from his last program, Roby promotes the rumor that Beatle Paul McCartney might be dead. It was his last show, October 21, 1969. He was removed during the show and replaced by announcer Les Marshak.

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The web audio blog, received a surprise phone call from Roby's Mother, Nancy in 2001. In this call, Nancy tells why Roby was fired from WABC and how he died in 1997.

Roby's mother, Nancy, on Our Radio Show, January 14, 2001.